The Short, Vol. 2

Check out the head on this kid!

  1. The girls from our life group hosted a baby shower for Lauren, and they generously gifted us with ten sessions of mommy and me yoga. You know what that means – tiny baby yoga pants! But the greatest gift of all… was no baby shower games.
  2. I usually leave Lauren on her playmat just outside the (open) bathroom door while I get ready in the morning. She rolled over from back to belly for the first time on Wednesday, and she also likes to scoot around on her back. I love finding her in a new position every time I check – only a couple weeks ago, she was just an immobile potato!
  3. I binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix last year, and I really thought the series was over. I mean, there were eleven seasons posted, and the last episode of the last season ended with a wedding, a voiceover and a slow motion dance sequence. Season finale, right? Not so fast, Jerika, not so fast. I’m hoping to find the current season’s episodes online so I can get caught up. Big goals around here!


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  1. Lauren has hit her first step to mobility…this is exciting! The fun begins! 😀We can’t wait to babysit her again!

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