Hair Confessions

The new ‘do.

I need to get something off my chest. Or perhaps I should say off my head?


Maybe not. Let’s move on.

I never learned how to properly style my hair. I only know two styles: down and straight, or ponytail. I use Head & Shoulders shampoo, which makes me feel like a middle aged man. Also, I go to Supercuts. Partly because it’s cheap and easy, but mostly because I’m intimidated by hair salons. How to find a stylist, what to ask, who to tip.

I’ve had my hair in a sad little mom bun since Lauren was born, so I finally chopped it to my shoulders. In honor of my new length, I decided to set some hair goals. New hair’s resolutions, if you will.

  1. Learn how to curl my hair and add volume
  2. Find the proper products for my type of hair (heavy and straight)
  3. Experiment with braids and simple updos
  4. Try a hair salon and decide if it’s worth the expense

Once I tackle these, I’ll be that much closer to a fully fledged adult.


  1. First off…I totally feel you. I’ve been on Pinterest and Instagram YouTube to figure out how to do things on my own…simply for time sake. I had a great lady used for cutting, but was never a fan of her coloring…so with help from a family friend, the people at Sallys and some experimenting…I’m coloring my own hair!!! It’s actually been pretty easy and super cheap. I can’t get anything fancy…but all the white is gone and I tell myself everyday, “you did the right thing…you sexy beast”. As for styling…man…I’ve tried the curls and everything just takes too long. Also, the right product..not sure I’ve found one yet. I used BirchBox to experiment with different products and that was fantastic. Found a great oil for my face and I use almost nothing else. Found some great dry shampoos and volume sprays. Highly recommend it! But yeah, the styling…not sure I’ve conquered that battle either…but make sure you post about anything and everything along the way…I’ll take note!

    By the’re looking beautiful!! Peace out Tiny!

    1. I’m so impressed that you’re coloring your own hair! I just had Brian pluck a couple whites the other day. I can see why curling takes too long, you have a ton of hair!

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