Five Months

Happy five months, little mama. This post is six days late, but the photo was only five days late! So there’s that.

This month was a doozy. You stopped gaining weight toward the end of April and got a G-tube on May 6. The results have been mixed, but you now weigh 11 pounds and change. Your cheeks are chubbier and your thighs are chunkier. I always thanked my lucky stars for how little you spit up, but I’ve since realized that you simply weren’t eating enough. Now you spit up at the drop of a hat. I much prefer blowouts to spit ups, but I suppose the grass is always greener.

You still enjoy attention from anyone, but you reserve your best smiles for mommy and daddy. Your laugh is hilarious. It sounds like a squawk that got caught in your throat. You love to feel different textures with your little claws, like George’s face, the teddy bear in that photo above, the velcro on your swaddle. You’re happiest on your tummy or rolling around on the floor, and your daddy is convinced that you’re going to start crawling any day now.

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