The Short, Vol.5

Baby’s first drive thru car wash. Mesmerized.

  1. Lauren’s most recent stool sample still showed an elevated level of calprotectin, which points to inflammation in her intestines. I stopped eating dairy a month and a half ago, and now I’ve added soy and strawberries to the list. Brian is pleased, as I’ve started cooking again. It seems that even I cannot survive on barbecue flavored potato chips alone.
  2. One of Brian’s best qualities as a father is his willingness to taste whatever Lauren eats. This includes breastmilk (okay), Alimentum¬†(horrible, truly horrible), medications (some sweet, some sour) and Lauren’s feet (sweaty).
  3. We attended the wedding of my friend/former coworker with our little third wheel in tow. It was one of my favorite weddings, the perfect combination of short ceremony + excellent company.

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